I took a few months off to work on my own idea for a business. I had always wanted to work on my own product and for the first time had the space to do so.


Exploring fiction on devices, I felt books could be reimagined with sound, utilising eye-tracking technology to compose a score tailored to a users reading speed.


Typical days could involve working on: the concept, the brand, UIs, building prototypes, pursuing meetings with publishers and digital music experts and planning a crowd funding campaign.

Get lost in the story

Reading takes us on a journey. So does sound. Our mission is to unify that experience and draw you deeper into your own imagination than you’ve ever been.

Read at your own pace

Storyscore always knows where you are in the story and will subtly alter the mood and pace of the audio to fit perfectly with what you’re reading at any given moment.

Join us

Storyscore is a revolutionary new reading experience that readers will love but we’re just getting started and you can be part of the story.

Crowd Funding Campaign

This is a rough cut of the video I had made for the launch on Seedrs. It explains a bit about the idea behind the product.


I learned a great deal working on Storyscore. I plan to do this again with a simpler idea that I can easily build a working MVP of. Ideally it would be revenue generating from day one and require far less business meetings! We shall see…