Working with a London based agency, I was asked to redefine the user experience of Thorpe Park for Merlin Entertainments. The existing site was very old and was falling short in both traffic and ticket sales.


As user experience lead, I was tasked with making sense of a huge tangle of online content, built up over years of additions. Users were finding it hard to discover key information and buy tickets.


Through user research, I was able to identify key information for visitors. Pouring over sitemaps and speaking to families and teens I broke the requirements for the site down into four simple templates, which I used to plan the site.

Four templates to rule them all

After research, stakeholder meetings and prioritising legacy content, I was able to reduce the entire site down into four responsive, multipurpose templates which we used to rebuild the site.

Prototyping with Axure

In order to start testing my thoughts on layout and navigation as soon as possible, I built a responsive prototype in Axure. I would put this on devices to further validate assumptions. For example, I would conduct gorilla testing to gauge ease of discovery. I worked with Dev to establish a realistic responsive grid system that enabled the wireframes to be to scale which informed layout discussions early on in the process.

Not everyone has the same thumbs

This was a textbook mass market product and when designing mobile-first it is important to consider all those thumbs. For this reason, I was constantly evaluating the usability of the prototype as it was built.